Your Ultimate Image Tool to Merge Multiple Images into One Without Losing Quality
Add/Edit Text into Images
Apply Current Text Style to All Images
Customize Collage Style
Export Merged Image with One-Click

Seamless Image Merging at Your Fingertips

Imerger is the go-to tool for effortlessly merging multiple images into a single, high-quality composite.
Whether you are creating collages, combining photos for presentations, or merging snapshots for social media,
Imerger ensures that your final image retains the clarity and detail of the originals.

Add/Edit Text into Images

Personalize your images by adding and editing text directly within the tool.
Choose from a variety of colors, positions and styles to match your creative vision.

Add text to image
Uniform Text Style Application

Uniform Text Style Application

Achieve a cohesive look by applying your current text style to all your images effortlessly.
Maintain consistency across your entire project with just one click.

Customizable Collage Layouts

Design your perfect collage with customizable templates and layouts.
Adjustspacing, size and style to create a unique visual experience.

Customize Collage in Style
Export merged image

One-Click Export

Save and share your merged images instantly with our one-click export feature.
Get your high-quality images ready for any platform or project in seconds.

How to Merge Images with Imerger?
Step 1: Upload Your Images
Click the "Add Image" button and choose the files from your device. You can also drag to upload multiple images at once.
Step 2: Add and Edit Text
Insert text into your images, customize the size, color, and style to fit your design.
Step 3: Customize Your Collage
Use the customization tools to adjust your collage in your preferred style.
Step 4: Preview and Export Merged Image
Preview your merged image and click the "Export" button when you are ready.
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