Moments in Video
Easily Capture Video Snapshots and Merge them in to a New Picture to Display the Full Content.
You Can With
Unlock Every Frame, Unite Every Moment: Seamlessly Capture and Merge Video Screenshots for Complete Visual Stories!
Extract All Frames from Video
Based on Subtitles
Quickly and accurately extract all frames to capture snapshots
from your video content based on the subtitles in your target language.
Auto Captions to Generate Subtitles
Upload Local Subtitles
Adjust Subtitle Style
extract frames from video and capture
take high quality still images from video
Take High Quality Still Images from Video
Capture full-resolution video snapshots from the video without losing any quality,
and conveniently save all of them in local with just a single click.
Combine Multiple Images into One with Ease
Combine selected images into a new composition to achieve full artistic expression,
enable storytelling, or produce visually captivating content.
combine multiple images into one
customize image output settings
Customize Output Settings
to Make Collage in Style
You are free to customize the image output style, such as, how many columns per row, the horizontal and vertical spacing of each snapshot, export resolution and formats, etc.
How to Use Sparkit?
Step 1
Upload your video, use the auto captions feature to generate subtitle or upload local subtitle, then Sparkit will show a list of frames extracted from the video.
Step 2
Adjust subtitle style and position, then click the "Capture" button to take high quality still images from the video.
Step 3
Selected the images that you want to merge and customize the new image output settings according to your needs.
Step 4
Click the “Export” button to combine selected images into one and export it to your computer.
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I am constantly in search of tools that streamline my workflow and elevate the quality of my productions. Sparkit has proven to be an invaluable addition to my arsenal.
Sandhika Galih
If you're a gamer looking to take your gameplay captures to the next level, look no further than Sparkit.
Khairan Khalaf
Sparkit is a game-changer for YouTube creators looking to elevate their content and stand out in a crowded online landscape. Five stars all the way!
Petrik Sesat
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